Monday, June 9, 2014

For shame!

Alas, apologies are required.  The last update was in September and now the school year is ending.  Where did the time go?

Well, within the tech committee, we've been very productive!  Here is a current run down of the major projects we have completed towards the end of this year...
  • Chromebooks galore!  The Chromebooks have been a great success at St. Philip.  So much so that, by the beginning of the 2015 school year, all of the junior high classes will have Chromebooks available for their use!  This means we will have close to 200 Chromebooks that the students and teachers can use for their learning!  This will promote the vision of "differentiated learning," which is an effect of how technology is properly implemented into education to enhance each student's individual learning experience.  A VERY exciting time for our school!
  • Upgrading of the computer lab.  The computer lab had VERY old computers and the "operating system" in use on these computers (Windows XP) was no longer supported starting in April 2013.  Chromebooks were temporarily installed to address this.  Next year, the computer lab will proceed forward with new computers and will be consolidated with the A.L.L (Advanced Learning Lab)
  • The designing of a technology support framework that provides guidance on how best to support the technology needs of the school.  This framework allows teachers and staff to be an integral part of supporting each other, promote collaboration all the while minimizing external consultative services.  This provides the anticipated substantive benefit of reducing support costs associated with the maintaining of the advanced technologies in use at the school, while building camaraderie and ownership among all constituents 
  • Upgrading of the network security, auditing and protection framework.  This includes the implementation of the most up to date technologies that will enhance and further protect the students and staff from malware, viruses and other threats that are out in the Internet
In addition, this blog entry marks the end of my tenure as the chair of the technology committee.  Words cannot describe the amazing satisfaction and joy I have received while working with the talented and thoughtful visionary members that comprise the technology committee.  The technology committee has received such incredible support from not only the school board, but all the staff and parents at the school and parish.  During the past three years, we have literally left no stone unturned in terms of technology.  I'm sure there were teachers, at times, who had choice words for us while we implemented tools and worked out the kinks in the process!  And for this, we thank you for your patience!   All of this would not be possible if it were not for the unquestionable trust from all, especially Jennifer Ramirez (thank you Jennifer!).  All of you trusted us to be the visionaries and lead.  Hopefully, we didn't disappoint.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank the foundational people that came before us that had the vision to construct the computer network infrastructure that we utilized in our work.  Such members include Jim Andric, Joe Sanders and the rest of the design team during the construction of the new school buildings.  Without their vision and work, we would have had a MUCH more difficult time in enabling the technologies the school takes advantage of today!

John Salvatierra, Tom Andre and Eric Muntz will co-chair the technology committee next year.  They have their work cut out for them.  However, I have great faith in their ability to continue to fulfill our strategic goal of becoming a top Catholic school nationally in using technology to better the educational experience.