Sunday, June 16, 2013

It has been awhile!

Hello folks!

Well...first and foremost, let me apologize   It's been MONTHS since I posted any status on our tech blog.  Boo!  I'm hoping you will forgive me as I'm now going to provide you some updates on the amazing things that the tech committee has been working on!

Without further hesitation, here is what we've been working on...
  1. New computers for the teachers!  Due to the generous donation given by the Ahmanson group, we are in the process of installing brand new computers (Mac) for the teachers.  We have finished installing the first phase of computers (about 14) and will complete the remaining (about 8) at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.  In addition, all of the teachers will receive training on how best to utilize their new Macs.  We will also be replacing the old and failing Windows computers in use by the school's administration team.  
  2. During the summer (we don't take breaks! :)), we will install brand new projectors in the classrooms.  A couple of teachers in the tech committee have been testing a "short throw" projector that has produced some amazing results.  In addition, we will install interactive whiteboards that will allow the teachers to interact with their computers from their whiteboards.
  3. By the end of July, the Internet connection at the school will be upgraded to a fiber optic based system.  Due to the amazing work between the development coordinator (thank you Colleen!) and our eRate consultants, the school will not see an increase in the cost associated with the new Internet connection.  However, the increase in the performance of the new Internet connection will be significant - about a 10x increase - with the capability to easily add on more if needed.  We are already ahead of the ConnectED initiative proposed by President Obama earlier this month!
The Technology Committee continues to work hard for the parish, school and the children of St. Philip the Apostle!  

The Technology Committee also wants to thank all of YOU for your continued support!!!  God bless all of you!

Have a great and safe summer!