Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chromebooks and iPads are in the house! (or classrooms :))

The school received a generous donation of $25,000 from an anonymous donor (may God reward you!).  This donation had only one requirement - it had to be used on new technology for the students of St. Philip.  With this donation in hand, the school purchased 64 brand new Chromebooks and 30 iPad Minis, along with the appropriate charging carts.  This past Monday evening, a group of teachers and volunteers proceeded to activate all the Chromebooks for use on our wireless network.  On Tuesday, the teachers started to use the new Chromebooks in their classrooms.

The initial results have been phenomenal.  A new excitement level was noted by the teachers and students who used the Chromebooks in their classrooms.  It was truly radiant to see the teacher's excitement in receiving new tools to reach their students.  Next week, the iPads should be available for use as well.

After several YEARS of planning and hard work by the technology committee and volunteers, we have achieved a major milestone!

Below are some pictures from Monday night and Tuesday.  And yes, that is my son lending a hand as well!